They thought about testing these waters for the soD-all sake of testing everything. They did this with aplomb and goodGod equally electrified demeanour – where we were, and what we have been trying to a-c-h-i-e-v-e is

This… preposterouslyidiosyncratic thing of PRECONCEIVED~awareness.

We took the bullet, we even VERY nEARLY watched-the-world-sleep:: to k-e-e-p ourselves from TRACKINGback&treasuring ALL the

“TYpIcAllY wRoNg SoRtS oF ThInGs.” Brave because we were gracious and DEFINITELY ready to—-)) listen TO THE tingling pUlSaTioN of

… … ..>> “YET ANOTHER: a preCONceived masterpiece.”