She stays right by her knees, quivering like a billion leaves shook to shake

Gargantuan misplaced understanding, or so he swears to say

This trembling hand came to take all of her away, what she simply had not to give
All of it in a wayward and seriously bellowing blink

To steal her ovaries can be the most improper thing in the whole of this thirsty world of ours – unnatural nastiness swarmed deceptively within

One man, ten thousand problems all misguidedly lent to him via his very own father – the same person who took to touching his very own daughter

Paying it forward right to the vomiting-inducing slaughter, collateral damage at the drop of an intruder’s fedora cap

Styled to force a smile

No excusing outright ineptitude, modern day Devils

Rude re-awakenings only goes so far as to touch the rip-torn surface

This particularly desperate thrust all-encompassing

Aforementioned hand clapping her momentary everything – he stood for absolutely nothing but this

‘Til blood gushes to pour and one such town which lies in frozen dislelief readies itself all over again

For these Chinese whispers to rapturously unravel and spread tenfold – the difference being that these suddenly saddened stories hold no mistakes en route, only ever agonised truth

Seems she will be forced to take this soul-destroying procedure to her awaiting grave where flowers wilt like crazy to mirror her deadened travails