They’ve been timing themselves down yet again and for one next apprehended and apprehensive time: how they did what we do, actually.. is this
.. thinking people’s thing of otherworldly nothingness. And if we need anything and EVERYone else to alter the tone of dedicated diction then..

Frightfully speaking —
“We will trace our adventuroUS minds back to that plACE (of reasonableAwareness…).” Please, though, do NOT let what they have suffered thru- shiver you(…) because it was all done amidst this
Endless sense of knowing.. JUST BLOODY well k-n-o-w-i-n-g that: They Got This

Thing in them called: gamely understanding and we do salute the few who do—-)) “let it all fall away and make hay.. and NOT

Spout it outLOUD ABOUT a faLsIfieD god, who may as well be a demonic entity yo-yo-ing Inside of their troubled heads(!!!)”