This is a story of undeniable glee and other informatively story-boarded things, of endlessly happy endeavour and To Be Forever Treasured

From the ages of their very own births right on UP to the Present Sense of Impending Immediacy and other wonderfully reminiscing things

Of Fabulously FABricated childhood spontaneity and WILDFIRE Dreams.

Is to be… is to fair whimsicALLy F-E-E-L!!

All of these preciously placed Statements

Of memory-MAKING intent

Placed personally with-in -She!

This rhythmic Sense of intelligence which will n-e-v-e-r quite impress to the FULLEST extent, what they have merely-both-brilliantly Achieved together

And ALL OF THIS amidst a wOrLd of uPsIde DoWn and OVER controversy… Yes, it is merely a part of the WHOLE DARN DEAL, can We not simply Take It, FEEL IT… and See-both-SEIZE a piece of EVERYTHING for ourSELVES?