His mighty murmur might just be the most beneficial thing, he uses it yet never abuses any of these gifts which he holds within
A silkened whisper and a woman will lose her stance – jelly-legged and all sorts of jovial
He sits and sips, thinking these things
Intricate in a romantic manner, she wants to but can’t quite swarm – her breath is prepped, lukewarm to hot on high-heels
Adamant upon peeling apart his everything and hatching a plan right there
A tall order for him to make the move, his bespoke groove knows nothing of this worldwide submission, secretly subtle ammunition on the strength of a man’s gorilla arm – aligned by these crazy hormones that puppeteer his joy, his boyish cheers
She will have to try and meet him by the middle, or else she shall find herself to delve inside of her inevitably empty daydreams all over again