The time has come for us to wander these aimless stresses of street and to steer ourselves undeniably indoors YET again.. to the nearest public hospitality which WILL BEGin to soothe our hostile soUl$ SOME MORE

And for a fucksake fee-too-many, actually. We will drink each other into an ungodly, g-o-o-d AND imPROPER stupor: Acting UP on our Lazy-Ass Laurels again AND AGAIN and becoming u-t-t-e-r-l-y Advantageous ——

With rarest sense of rIoToUs regards to the other person’s peripheral eyesore. And ON(!) we will go…

aRguInG with our very own sEnSe oF aRguMenT for the sake of being seen to MEAN(!!) something

To someone… somewhere, plEASE(!)
This has been a closed-case lost-cause demeanOUR of Desperate Measures to equal these specially Desperate Times(.)

And it SEEMS to feel… … …

Eerily rEal and rare and at the EXACT same SaNe(?!) time.
“Wine, BEER(!) Whichever CONfusing CONcoction, really, which WILL perhaps promise to steer us cRyStAl c-l-e-a-r of ourselves again—-

… and OF our own minds worst iMaGiNaTiOn, please.”