They did something peculiar and rather basic with their time, they entered themselves in another-YeT-aGAIN-gAmE of colloquial Wisdom actually.

It’s not the only manner in which to play+and+Prey at a time of asking (for no-more anomalies, pleas€!) We do not yearn for this madeUP existence inside of their —->>>

Futuristic brains, and we do not, indeed, seem remotely interested in being… an absolute blast to everybody else anymore.

“There is a good night ON THE TILES on the way and she feels… about as utterly ridiculous+and+madeUP AS PER UsUaL in equaL measurement… .”

It’s high time we earned OUR pARTicular plACE at the tABLE of utter =tasteToday(!)

And if they really were veering dangerously toward yet another cordoned-off corner

—-)of their Supposition-Shaped braIns, then we may just have to —- • … rabbit~on Regardless as to e-x-a-c-t-l-y… what(?) everybody else thinKs AND thought this time.