She’s about as much fun as the holocaust!!
Although, in her defence, or perhaps not, she did turn quiet gas mid-evening…
Shit, did you REALLY just say that!!?
As per, a play on words, albeit downright atrocious in this particular instance
I’m only saying
I mean, she asked for it in the first place
Insatiable thirst gone utterly and completely wrong
On song, my arse
Made Herr Hitler appear like a relative also-ran
As though all he was ever really quilty of was stealing candy from a baby
C’mon, he did ALOT more rhan THAT!!
True, but so did she
Trust me, there were times when I would’ve much preferred to have been right back inside the 40s, as opposed to butting noses all over again with Lady Distaste
I know the comparison is quite harsh, but sometimes, just SOMETIMES, we do need to put these things into perspective, you know?
No, not really!!!
S’pose then it’s an ungodly idea on my part for me to ever even consider going on a date with her?
Dunno, why don’t you just roll the dice, see if she does, in fact, turn out nice
See if you get to meet Lady Luck
I may be doubtful but then again, I have heard it on the grapevine that Hitler once won the Nobel
Or perhaps it was Stalin
True story!