Truthfully they were thinking about the fact of facts. – that it’s cool and good and kinda upside over indeed

The state of this.. mundane little, eyes wide open place. “Ace people really are the kindest of people, and that’s.. not necessarily to everyone’s treasured taste.”

With one frosted-tipped fist to the face, they(really)HAVE tasted defeat times+a+millionBOUTSofUtterInDecIsioN, actually, and that’s NOTtheNicestFeeling. “However KINDERthanKindaKind we will decide-for-THEM-to-remain.”

RoutinelyRiptornRelicsOfOurFavouriteSelves. And w-h-e-n the girls get themselves graciously gathered together and dressedAGAIN(!!!) that is when—

“the good old Glaswegian-boys w-i-l-l start to ToyWithTheirInterfering eMOtIoNs… .” Watch it, and watch their eye of ocean. Over emote..

Their passionate embraces about toEXPLODE!!