Be oh so fucking bold and burn the whole damn fool-ridden thing

Wherever did this ridiculously inept rule-book ever come from

Seems they cannot even keep up with their very own altogether problematically over-enthused, false debate egos

These people stand and deliver either way nauseatingly forth… effing ‘n’ blinding, one of a bestial kind

Watching this enflamed thing is frustratingly akin… to clasping at a sweet, sweet child’s unlearned hand and begging for them to dive untainted upon…

Ideas which remain derogatory and utterly uncontrollably uncontrollable – to ferociously stand-still futile

A mild wind blows them over – domino-effect at the break of yawned for dawn and these particularly unjust Chinese Whisperers appear to be painstakingly deafening

This crying-shamed place needs to finally witness to breathe like wildfire… and it will indeed take outlandish creativity to shake the undeniably dullard and dourly set ego system wired fabricated-to-fake within

A failure to see is simply alarming to We

And then, dilapidated all of fucksome nothing…