They’ve settled their scores and opened abstract and awareness of Dostoyevskian door – been credible and acting keen-eyed as a result

Of this both momentary and life long admiration for ceaselessly CrEaTinG something which valiantly SINGS and at its own all-bright pace, actually, of

Unforgettable forging of MiNd(.) it’s been utterly MEANingful and filled at the barb-wiring of brim with enough singular self-PAIN: to… … quiet and litarALLy send —-

Anyone else outlandishly ‘iNsAnE’ — his place-of-pain now holds no plACE ANYMORE but, STILL, nestled impossibly-both-playFULLY between the rePAIRed state…

Of our concentrated f-a-t-e

In his aNtAgOnIsEd ability to lean-in and plEASE(!) us all with his EVERY SENSE OF MOMENTARY WORTH: but – Why Did It Have To Hurt So VERY Much – have to give-and-take via a mEnTaL misrepresentation?!! Because this, his untrained AND tRiGgErEd mInD of many imaginations, IN-FACT, had an adolescent and drawn-breath hunch

To punch for the stars, Here They ALL are!!!!!