The sun is UP, the guns are lit and these plagiarist people have been drinking and thinking too many times altogether, however… what we have seen them do is turn the whole wide tidal wave of bravery on its antagonised head —-

And shoulders above the rest, actually; they’ve been feeling a whole wide part of the whole wide eyed sun again

And moon and all other things utterly accustomed to their very own sense of humour filled inspiration – a ScintilLATEd sedation is EXACTLY what they have come to NEED to achieve —-

Archived and ALL via this state of ordinary living AND at a purchased price of next to nEARLY nothing actually, We feel we wish to NEED to be a pART of them

Of their merry, merry band of other peripheral people, plEASE(!)
Tease us on in again. Game on – Forever Put Upon Sing-Song: to ponder a thing of ten million(.)

A penny for their terrifically high wired thoughts and they really ALL ought to be multi(-bilingual) millionaires by now and with their arms and fLaPpInG hands FlAiLinG in the air—

Up Somewhere(!?)