It’s this thing of utterly incremental and identifiable resilience across the boards of belated believers actually. It’s been coming and at a pace of

Something… maybe otherworldly(!?) Who knows, and who truly cares ANYMORE what happens next because, to cause it all to continue on regardless of this WILL take

A focus-first attitude; be honest and BE rather riotously RUDE because… the cause IS AS GOOD AS THE
L. And there WILL be days of unidentifiably DaZeD AND coNfuSed attitudes that cannot but —-

Cuss and AlTeR your l-i-v-i-n-g, seething.. beauty for bReaThIng breathlessly demeanour. Yes.

Those are INFACT the MEAN people who REALLY mean No Such Harm whatsoever-AT-ALL(…)

Except to harm their VERY own sense of self, actually. Needle pressed… lIviD and LOUDMOUTHEDagainst. Yes. This pen DOES apologise for its use of seriously UPsetting syllables