Sometimes we want what we just can’t have, an entirely different slant on life, the English Chav who longs to be a Lord, a girl with dreams of becoming a princess when all that she ever seems to do is kiss frogs
A morbidly obese man slips himself inside a pair of grotesquely slim-fitting togs time again – snot-green in colour – pipedreams of reaching the Olympics, to make proud his unsupportive mother
They believe these wayward ways to be their prerogative, a life’s story they hold oh so close to their heart, despite constant and never-ending putdowns, derogatory comments
Ladies and gentlemen, is this really all just one piece of fine art, good or bad, however we may see it, see fit
People with a real wit about them, heaven-sent if a little left of centre, wanting, needing this to be everybodies universe, curse the Goddamn begrudgers, it is those who judge that amount to nothing in the end
People, repent