Yes, they did this all with the skies wide opening again. And their merry-old-minds happy-as-LAR and ANY one other INTERACTIVE person with their best Brains PUT FORTH and Fully-Fledged—

it’s been.. possibly legendary and on a most naughtily disgusting knifeEDGE. Even when, and if— they spoke-in-mind amidst blindingly-Painful-Intrusive-OverIndulgences. What’s happenedHERE?! Need not EVER be evenly mentioned again..

They are doing ALL-of-this with their favourite-BEST nestling of wishes TwIsteD into a MOST BEAUTIFUL NOSE-dive actually –

Their particular dice IS perhaps (Left) On-ICE for now: as we stand IMMEDIATELY With ThemYetAGAIN… …

And a-c-t-i-n-g TICK(!) and thinly veiledBy Our Very Own ClockWORK disguises. “Oh, my…”
With our bleeding knees deeply dug-in and ALL other a-d-v-a-n-c-i-n-g of AvEnUeS of Mangled-and-marginalised minds