It isn’t that these pieces of precariously misplaced art even needed to be in any which particular way.. at all… PERFECTLY manicured, actually

Rather that, for the sake of its cReaTor’s favourite-BEST(!!) heartstrings it will need to, perhaps, e-m-o-t-i-o-n-a-l-l-y simmer and SING it so very extremely well –

They do not EVEN mean to be all that contrarily keen eyed anymore, actually.
JUST that, SOMETHING wishes to ultimately swim fair whimsically within

Said aforementioned HeartStrings, it NEEDS TO B-L-E-E-D oh, so beautiful and bodacious, please… let us seize their inner-ward sense of singular bliss Take Masterful SEED.

This is it: the conundrum that dumbfounded them ((all))

The search(SEARINGLY!) for Official Brilliance.