If they knew of anything then they… “knew how to wind-UP Warpaths just so typically.” They even seemed negligent-to-NONplussed about taking their time

To —> vacate (aplenty!!) another ten million mirror-image Replications(!) “We were bathed in Lukewarm-to-Golden-faced Detail for one sole reason:

To playfully e-x-i-s-t amidst this turnover-of-TurMoil which seems to SEEK to SET our heads… eventually Straight again(??!)”

“****, Yes, Please.”

It IS, in fACT, a magnified look at the state of utterly Irreparable penetration actuALLy, and EVEN T-H-A-T is a good thing; when bygones die by the mind and repeat-Offending iDiOTiC Imbeciles became

— Plain downright “Conspicuously pAralysEd inside.”