They swan about now with their eyes acting all advantageous and equally advancing at a purely plaTONIC pace, ACES and sleeves and ALL OF THESE equally impressive items which WILL gather themselves together again –

AND get themselves READy to meet the pen at the half-way point of procedural pursuit… … for her thoughts were NOT tUmUlTuOuS and CERTAINLY, most DEFINITELY not—

On any sort of such purPOSE, EVEN-IF she poses no threat to the rhythms of poetic reasoning//
NO threat to the fear which these seen-to-be pOeTiC mAstErpIeceS DO FEEL(.)

It has been BEYOND the point and levelheaded nature of real because, Ladies AND… ahem, MentalMen, she SEEMS to steal EACH NEXT syllable from our WHISPERING mouthpieces …

Amidst the TwIst of A kiSsEd LiP which sleeps Oh, so BLOODY comfortably

Sorry for the stylistic cursing but her bursts of enthusiasm ARE worth it.