You’re talking about an eagle-eyed ability to notice the little nuances that usually don’t even get seen or even mentioned at all. The little things people do, little things that happen about the place and during the course of any given day. Those nuances, whilst.. perhaps a little undiscovered in the general scheme/scene of things do, for me, deserve to be utilised and described when it comes to scribbling about it. I mean, you’re bringing so many instances of action, inaction, etc. together that, you’d hope, with tender time, they will be more eagerly noticed and, what’s more, taken to heart for their descriptive, storyboarded rhythm. To turn the words into a walking, talking, fully living entity/entitlement of its own. You want the words to mean more to anyone than they will have ever imagined that the set-up and style of word splurge could do.