There is a time and a place for this thing to actually be happening and it’s been happening… again and again and it’s been an automatically painfree thing Of utterly wonderful insistence’s actually. These individuals are acting advantageous amidst a dire state of mind set to

Wildfire – once upon a mild and momentous experience of course and cause AND, probabilities WILL have it.. paused thought

They have watched it meander and wander and actually wonder if it should in fact STILL be wondering at all anyMORE(!!!) And it… must NOT be doing that mile-a-minute thing that it wants to WISH TO HAVE TO… NEED TO do(!!)
To him, her.. or ANY one cReAtiVely mAlAdJusTeD per$on on earth(…)

It mustn’t EVEN be thinking about thinking about… THINKING of holding it all back together AGAIN and at

Please god.. voluntarily comforting pACE and for the… first of a few times too little actually

She’s been vying for a (MeaNdeRiNg) lifetime. For that final resting place of undeniable industry – in the face of hidden adversity

As, Either Way Face-Forward… another vital (SIGN OF) verse: WILL GET WRITTEN. Mind: (Fuck-Off) Prison

These decisions? They will NEED TO HAVE TO WISH TO BE HERS(!)