Chill the Goddamn beans my man, there need be no such plan, go with the flow
Do I really need to say this because I’ve a sneaky suspicion that you already know
A heavy day ahead, best foot forward, less about the dread
Easy-peasy, take it all in, sit it out, be proud as punch while watching your cousin get wed
Everyone gets to enjoy the day, I think you know what they say, feel that pinch don’t give it an inch
Cinch, it really is, please don’t fret, there ain’t ever going to be a threat
Good to go, on with the goddamn show, no fear, just you, your 1st cousins, a few too many friends and then there’ll be the beer
If you feel it be sure to steer absolutely clear, let the fecker burn at the steak, no time for that kinda hassle, if needs be take a little time out to gape at the castle in the corner
All I have to say is this, dear boy, keep on writing, fighting your necessity for perfect punctuation, and if you do ever get lucky enough to make it, find yourself in a situation where everyone is plauditing what you do, remember where you once were, remember the early few who make you what you are