It’s exactly how they perceived for it to be— iconically idiosyncratic and certainly certifiably… “fine, actually.” They’ve done it all now and it shall p(A)$$ at

Fairly good and great pACE, actually. They got themselves allTwIsTeD=uP iN THiS WoNdeRFuLWorld ofYour$. “How, though(?!?)” canWeEverGetToKnowing

J-U-S-T how(?) far any particular Apple will fall… So far from RaDicAliSeD reach That
The tables were TwisteD anD TuRnEd all-by-their-own..

Yeah: “it’s safest to d-e-c-l-a-r-e that the AirWaaaaayUP(!) there is particularly Harsh, actually, AndHaRd (asFuck..) To Handle, yet(!!!) handle t-h-i-s they did —

Word-of-mouth says it out LOUD(!!): “that the moment in the sun is only ever JUST one” ——-

Brand-new and refurbished entitlement AllOfItsOwn. But.. “these peculiar motherfuckers appear to have been burnt at the stake and bornAgain—-

To fend for themselves.” And with that tIlteD SenSe Of Mental=Awareness, it’s all “fair, in-fairness.”