Their reverberating heartstrings are fantastic actually, this ingenious thing of officially amalgamated persistence even when—

((These passengers have played their.. relatively fair and game part in it all..)) As a silenced artist Credits themSelves YET AGAIN and with YET ANOTHER miraculous moment of Morning-time productivity(!) it’s all of it been —-

Playful and cutthroat in an artistically rambunctious Sense of

Recalling Rembrandt and other finely in-tune brands of masterful players.. they ARE e-x-a-c-t-l-y what they said they would be, MIGHT BE..

Will he, THOUGH; won’t She; MUST WE: all-of-us mUSteR oUr oWn SenSe oF courageoUS STRENGTH back together again and from ANOTHER SUCH realm?

“This has certainly been.. a balanced and signifiCANtly heartfelt inSTANCE, and their DaNCe HaD tO HaVe BeEn

An honestly beautiful thing.”