We didn’t even intimidate themselves anymore but we did indeed multiply our own state of preparedness. It’s important to’ve understood all these warbles… all of the GrabAndGo(!) words in the last place / it’s

An endless foray actually of shaving-foam ******* people gathered together

——> > and pretty little indie-cars in the winter-time. It’s not as abstract as their unsavoury minds can actuallyCARRY AND see… even if

One creative mind KNOWS the precise depth+and+level of meaningfulness and KicKeD against the Byline Of the BreEZe.

OF COURSE The doggie-LOGOED buses will go and crash themselves in the graaaaaand(!!!) CANyon and fill themSELVES back+Up y-e-t again with

Utterly overpriced petroleum, while

“Other people will run and wrestle and ultimately ARRIve At a ten thousandth tremendously truly destination.” It’s hard to get to the top of the ******* molehill when the mountain inside their mind isn’t even real; WHEN…. it’s gonna gotta have been reclusive as **** within

their… quarrelling state of the nation: “and mixed wItH the official idiosyncrasies of an OcD person!” We were endlessly invigorated and certifieD as Furiously, ahem… idiosyncratic actually. And that’s… about as ******* aBstraCt as a matter A-N-D a meandering fACT can actually get.

to dissolve their utterly thirst they just M-U-S-T trust.

In a mindset that wasn’t even there………… in the first place:: called dancing with a state of unperturbed grace