When she really troubled them for the sake of a mug of “SHUT THE HELLUP!!” and they turned her into a different kinda gal we all know and deplore. She’s

Stood and paused her whole wide body for the grand total of thirty ten years and managed to MaKe IdioTicAllY upside wise SenSe of themselves anyway. “Where were they thinking of coming to when we altered the way the world worked anyway?” Wet as two badgers and three bellowing ELEPHANTS caught IN A mud-bath of Colossal MISunderstanding she’s

— a stereo-physical girl with worldly stuff going on inside of her PAUSE.. a… while… mind.

“There’s this meaningful confrontation occurring between all of them and it seems so very veiled in

Lukewarm intelligence.” If, though, she worries all of the words in the aforementioned world sick TO THE BONE

___ will it really rally its irksome self back together again and set seed to these undeniable THrEADlike and smile-happy metaphors??

One of us: needs to kNOw.. “just how hard she went at biding her time and taking AIM:: amidst these

TriggerHAPPY people with wits made of steel and HOLLYWOOD eyes peeled all of the way wide and wise… and trying

For encyclopaedic understanding- “finally.”