A level headed mess of creative hostility, YES these eyes have been to SEE it all. Nearly never she made it to the end though.

For her striking SENSE of undeniable resolve and radiating resilience… and prioritised ‘lies’ of a most softly kind, we might not have EVER gotten to watch and MIRACULOUSLY witness… … … … … …

Her greatest comeback to life- twice as hostile only THRICE as sprightly- oh, MY, an enigmatic MasterCast called “Creative Sedation” … and she WILL.. ANY WHICH WAY SHE CAN HAVE IT!! pl-EASE…

ease… her way back to the super, NATURAL surface AGAIN!

Few who have travelled the circumference of the mind and realigned all sense of NONsensical and sickeningly over-EXPOSED and once-upon-a-headstrong disability, which shall bring this girl BACK
World. In a cumbersome NUTshell

Yes she is a beautiful woman of bestial BEHAVING’s and she WILL: witness and watch the wholewide-eyed WORLD COMFORTABLY tumble, as we falter…
To a crippling and COURTEOUS halt- about to admonish our faults