They made the level of instant gratification its own lucidly aWaRe ThinG anyway. They’ve even made the same angle of MisTaKe enough times “NOW” to take = our dreaded breaths back. “To borderline basics” ___

They’ve “Mhhmm’d” their way throughout – from there to whenever WHERE-eLsE, actually; and we’ve __ eAgerly devoted ALL OF our aforesaid time to developing a decked-out decking-rod of ourselves TIME AGAIN. We won’t ever get to Germany without making our HOSTILIZED way throughout total dedication and we’ve even budgeted for the unbudgetable things swimming inside of our

RiotOusLy rampant minds. Why? Because we utterly expected ourselves to play with an UTTERLY abstract and each to their own equALLY unUNDERSTANDABLE LEVEL OF

Two-parts mischievousness, “please.” We’re about to meet (with) our knees… .
And beg for ‘em not to bleed

As he steers his eyes (nervously) toward.. her freckles in a puddle-deep reflection