There’s a required calmness again and it shall not pass.. as they play and pretend to have been taken to task; “why weren’t we asked for our hands and eyes and legs and other (ALARMIFIED)limbs back(?!)” but JUST because..

They were causing themselves an utterSOMESenseofDelayableWisdom. Whilst it may well have seemed WiLdlYImPossIblE and InCreDiBlY(!!) wrong OnTheOneHand…

… what happened to these guys ((and Dolls of Make-BelieveMimiCRY!!)) was —- “to think about it some=more IS TO SHUTwideT-I-G-H-T that locationalDoor.”

And if they w-e-r-e to equally whisper andScreamItSoV-E-R-Y credibly well, then(…)

“why haven’t they been taken careFULLYaway, from themselvesThisTime?!”

Because.. word wouldHaveIt on the Shangri-la street: “they’ve been missing in (matterOfFACT!!) Action” and it

N-O-T: CONtinue-On likethis(…) “it can not.. .. .” They (will) whisper and shout as their happiness amounts