Absolutely everything in the name of research
A dangerous pursuit, perhaps, but she was most definitely in it for the long haul, knew that this might just be the right way to go
Interesting, for sure, but she also knew that people were going to come at her and wonder if how she acted was, in fact, all that pure
Just how far she was prepared to go was the real thing, once she put herself in any given situation was she going to treat it like hard work or something of a paid-for vacation?
Take herself away from the norm, land herself smack, bang in the middle of a storyline, in time she would know if this seed she was beginning to sow might work, or if it was all a waste of time
Enjoyable rhyme nonetheless, eager to make the right kind of an impression
She didn’t know how other poets did it and this didn’t matter one bit
Her own unique process, terribly unique when, one night, she decided to dress as Gothic freak, no offence to all and sundry
Danced it out, took a few drinks, kissed a lager-lout who only ever dressed like this to impress her kind
It wasn’t her kind but he needn’t know
So back to his humble abode and on with the show
Less about that, more about the strange and wonderfully coloured seat where she sat while he played her some music on his rusty old acoustic, before grabbing her hand and walking her down the road as far as the nearest SPAR
“Thanks for your time, this really was… rather sublime?”