OK working on my plan of action regards my trip around Ireland which I am hoping will be with OCD IRELAND as I am still awaiting their reply. Getting the bare essentials in place will be important, of course – a good and schturdy tent, some money for meals, a few pints on route, and a pen and notepad – even though I’m prone to writing on a laptop but let’s be honest here, if anyone is going to los…e a laptop while travailing around Ireland I top that list. Losing bikes belonging to all the members of my family doesn’t bode too well. That aside, I’ll need to build up some good media interest which is where my journalistic background should come into being – about time really. I did wonder if it was an odd endeavour, and to be fair if this is something that fails to appear odd to me then either I am odd, or other people aren’t willing to take the chance. Either way I’m up for it and looking to do it maybe next month, praying to God that the weather holds – ya, I know, when the hell has the Irish weather ever held? So if anyone has any good ideas to do with what I am for the time being anyway calling ‘POETRY v. OCD’, then feel free as a bird to let me know. Will keep you in the know.