Left to my own devices, sitting it out, knife and fork at the ready, mind alert, oh so steady
When along came the prettiest damn waitress I’d ever seen
Dressed in the usual attire but it was still hard to stop yourself from losing your mind, inquiring when it came to her number
Oh how amazing it might be to watch her mid-slumber
I ate my meal, let her steal my eyes every time sh…e walked on by
All of the other men in the room were the same, even the Goddamn groom, she most definitely the kind of girl prone to floating everyone’s boat
So to speak
But I wouldn’t speak, couldn’t, just wasn’t how it worked when it came to my usual approach
Not even a remote chance of her not being asked to hit the floor as the night wore on
Waited it out, finally managed to steal her away for that dance
Well, she danced while I pranced about the place like an eejit overindulgent when it came to the red wine
See her again and I’ll step up to the stage, lend her my hand having learned a few moves
Settle on into my dancing shoes