We are acting rather consequential and of our own chosen mannerisms, actually. We cannot ((even)) help but quandary a thousand ponder-some and suggestively sugarcoated questions – has it really all of it actually happened and at pedestrianised pace for now?!

Have our favourite best people with our FAVOURITE BEST faces— Really ALL-OF-THEM(!) walked on by without us even beginning to “Wondrously ReAliSe?!”

Who knows, but for the “prose-poet” who goes.. substantially subMERGED magnificently-both-mesmerically with-IN: The deepest, DARKEST depths of delicate-both-DELICIOUSLY(!) descriptive depravity. “See.. … we didn’t really mean to be so very unforgettably rEaL, just that this is how our cReAtiVe cards were determinedly dEaLt —

A most deafening albeit equally ExCitAblE AND defining hand. And it DOES indeed implore US to explore

All of these evidential mining’s of moment —
‘til mightily multiplied by the highly EXCITABLE nature of a stranger-than-fiction mInD, which ((visually)) searches to find –

“All of the higher octane answers to these age-old quest of questions, actuALLy.”