They were executing their greatest unknown downCRAWL amidst utter frustration actually, were endlessly REinvigorated at the Tips Of Their Reclusive Brains. And just like Brahm’s symphony it’s Been a Somewhat sympathetic push in the ‘correct’ direction.

We weren’t even acting steady-headed this time, we weren’t even… dining out on our very OWN mOnOlOgUe anymore. “What it took, though… to

Watch their marvellous minds mIx ThEmSelVeS UP enough times now to see a most… HorrIficaLly maladjusted scene of utter… disgustingness really is

Problematically Paltry.” Yet they do do it: they DO do it and with their best faces pushed…. faceless and forwards, not a calculable word, actually, for the level of crushing AnxIety. A problem? Yes.

A crutch of mentally magnificent sOrTs? “**** no!”
•And not for a mere eager minute of their SPONTANEOUS spin-tale time, even.