The democracy inside of their DeadAsDeadCanBE eyes; that l-i-v-i-d, lived-it-all ability to be— above it all and actually altering the act of:: uttering none too MANY-wordsAnymore(!!)

Yes, it’s been a DiplomaticAndDeafeningly d-e-l-i-c-a-t-e little process of ((pricelessly)) processing it all and walking, StillTalking

—- with the BRUISEDandBatTeReD aforesaid evil-of-eye ((stILLwaNdeRinG…) and considerately combinedWithEverythingElse

“To make.. mounds of MindfulSense.” They were screaming it outLOUD and visually+both+VICIOUSLY inside of their

Aforementioned Mind: iconic and certainly this certifiABLE thing of.. over-strewn and -strained PROductivity(.) WHAT they see is not all that artificial (at all) anymore… although… …

To personally believe in anything else is to::: take the demon’sHand and DaNcE a faLsE and Acrimonious DanceAtTheYawnOfYinAndYangDawn… … …

It is not Dostoyevskian and it is definitely NOT altruistic, or any of that shit-out-of-SPIRITUAL-luckStuff. It’s a stuffy-as-f*ck atmosFEAR(!!) in this mother-effing room, though, “Don’t you think it too(?!)”

——) )as the direction ((and EVENTual SELF-destruction 😉 )) of their determined sentences make… ego-syntonic and NOTdystonicSense ofThemselves, We’ve aLtErEd Nothing yet, but still —-

“Ye’ve been shrilly chomping at the bit.” And we do INDEED appear to have perhaps, possibly… MOST-DEFINITELY BITTEN-off faaaaaar fucking WAYmore(!) than

We could everCHEW(.) FuckIT, tis infact fewWhoKNEW… p-r-e-c-i-s-e-l-y what(?) to DO, except for both You+and+I ——

Even IF(!!!)
It’s all been beautiful ruptured inside
“Of our
Stay-awhile minds.” Poetically speaking