‘Eye Candy’

Inside of her own (testosterone) womb the room to mawkishly (embed herself and) manoeuvre appears to have been a thing of transgression and atrophy-of-mind, ONLY THAT SHE DOES IN FACT MIND A MASSIVE AMOUNT- yet, the devil IS in the detail.

of mere eager loner-moments of mitigated injustice, rude not to (valiantly) interrupt upon her riding the storm to the WARMEST POINT of complete equilibrium of BRIO AND PAN(ACHE), as all HARD things become methodically overcome –

Just One WOMAN And Her Universal THIRST
does (indeed) SPEAK in universal Verse and mixed-up MADDENING-of-metaphor.

Yes. “She NEEDS to be equally adored as well as outlandishly kept upon her manicured feet…

To retest IS to retreat is NOT TO FAIL,” but to make (Amen) amends,

the best way that she pays for the Capital gains