What if their minds are a littleBIG bit actuallyLeftOfCentre,
And what of itIF(?) “they were reminding themselves TIME-again.. to lavishly uNwIndAforesaid time: overindulgent people perhaps,” and certainly Economically
Down UPon their hardWORDED lUcK: as a skewedUP,

SCREWEDupLife might in fact(n-o-t)have had it.

However in HELL did they, though, toughenUP the other turnover of cheek / and “speak” with syllables for best frENEMIES(!)

If we were to let ourselves to TELLyeA serious Secret: “then we may just need to

Meet you ALL at the centre:: of this W-I-L-L to ironically Survive..” And “no!!”, they were not, so to say, merely ALIVE— more so these

LIVIDSEeThINg AllFeelingMakeshifteded Masterpeaces. With this thing called inconclusive time on their side

And a small-than-thou bottle of wanderLU$T-champagne- to celebrate the WiLdNeSS of ThEir Lives