The falsified art of the littlest part of a piece of pretty little eye-opening art for art’s sake… .. maybe…

Utterly advantageous in a mesmerised instance, as these people pertain(time again)

To a million ways to say a thousand separate things- they’ve been thinking and talking and letting

Their favourite mouthpieces AlaRmIfY all these peripheral and dutifully dishevelled, distanced pEoPle.

Been eating their own opinions at pace and, therefore, DO NOT bless their petrified faces, “please.”
By all this negative attitude to a thousand magnetic things.

They have tired us to the core of our silenced PURPOSEFULLY miNds because… the conversation is long and ARDUOUS and about as UNGODLY u-g-l-y and f…… atrociously repetitive

“As ANY thing from ANY ‘Human being’ EVER could be/can get!” Holy shit 😴

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