He did it all, burnt the candle like one hell of a whore
Bored his best friends with his drunken rants while living over an alcohol store
Enough was never enough, he went looking for a woman every other night, gave a few too many of them a fright owing to the crabs
On he trudged, never judged anyone, especially not himself, if he didn’t take care he’d soon end up on the shelf of life
No family to count, no wife, just him and his bottle, not to mention a whole load of strife when it came to him paying the rent
Sent it via post with a note telling his landlady he’d get it right next time when really he couldn’t give a shite
He was evil, a confident liar, and for that he was known throughout the city as an absolute rat
Drake deserved an out and out flake, no two ways, this is what his father had to say
“One day that boy will pay for all of his wrong-doings, I’m far prouder of my younger brother Troy”
Drake was forty going on twenty, he’d never had plenty but it looked the opposite way whenever he met a nice and innocent girl, flashed some leftover cash, took them out for a whirl
It was absurd, the amount of times he had screwed them over, even when he was sober
His brain didn’t work the way it was supposed to, even though one afternoon one girl got stupid and before he knew it, while leant over the toilet he was getting proposed to
What was he supposed to say, that he could take her on, sort himself out, become a strong man who would bore her some children, never see them wrong
It wasn’t for him, he was one of lifes failures, destined for the bin
He’d committed one sin too many and now it was his time to pay, what can I say other than that this gun, this bullet is for him