They’ve been sitting with this sense of nerves of stillness and steel-faced bravado. Even been acting deliciously HaPhAzaRd and all on utterly purPOSE: to pose some kind of a Humane threat to One Such Socially Conspicuous Society is

… … to Not So Much As To Regress And Regret any-a-MANY-A-THING which they have done since now.

N to them, please, and whisper it wisely and at their meander of one knee.” Wobbled and WonDerFuLlY brand new, in-fACT(!) All of this IS NOT AN A-C-T, actually

All of it rather CreaTivEly high-wired AND hot-wIrEd to the sight
Of the outlandishly ambivalent skyline at night (Moon and sunshine and ALL other times of tellable tales equally combined)
Some might love it, most WILL undoubtedly HATE IT, too, and simply because.. to IMPISHLY imply this sense of endless comfort in depersonalised numbers is —

To b-r-e-a-t-h-e with steed and of your own Wisely Uninterruptible reckoning again
These people were meant for the harshness of a barb-wired moonlight at night, some MIGHT(!) say… “utterly Unafraid.”

Born upside-down and CONtagioUSly cumbersome and ferocious all in one go ——