They fell in love with something worth a million times more than good god gold / they seem to addle their idealised time aWay with “HAHA!” sweet pickings of cheery-cola contemplation. And if they were doing anything then it’ll have been better done theirs than another —

“Way we see fit for the WHOLE THING TO’ve set its own story apart is to’ve —->>> imagined the ImaginIng of something else other than THAT gold.” It’s an anticipation which sets them farther than the HOST, of course they

Understand that they’re minds have been working at an excruciatingly cRiPplInG pace, and for the things they may say: “it truly is a finger dragging back together inside their minds… at these misunderstood understandings andPREYING for the best to envelop/e itself. And they

Are purely sorry except for the fact that we need to understand; everything they do IS to get to you.”