What they did was they indulged themselves almost immediately,
they even… entitled our other peppering’s of people —-

to that a-l-m-i-g-h-t-y level of legendArt(!) It’s time for the phase named utter Comprehension, actually… … as we have been altering the aDdItIonAl alteration of

These purely pragmatic eyes . Of ours . “If they reALLy wish to’ve been better at what they don’t exactly do then t-h-e-y maY(!?) as well’Ve acted

Ostracised in s-i-l-e-n-c-e.” Because IF(!) there was anything to have been gotten from all of it it’s the

—>> unSPEAKABLE ability to (even) P-E-A-K when our minds were past the point of TenSe and CERT-ainly petrified. In other words (and rambunctious WoRldS, perhaps… ) it is the

Ability to seek and SEE something extraordinarily EYE CATCHING, indeed. amidst the plain mundane MAJESTICALLY (..)