They’ve certainly seen a thing or three these pretty little eye-openers of ours

Preciously prepped people with not a care nestled upon they, really

Make fucking hay and prey – though ’twere the most normal thing in a whole wide-mouthed world simply begging to equally implore

Absurd their gregarious nature – no, actually, stranger things have failed to happen at bravado will

Still smiling… still dancing
because they carry the undeniably suggestive smarts fair flavoursome within

When downright intricacy to the cause of a pause-for-thought lifetime breathes utter delicacy through once-upon-a-crying-shame otherwise seriously constrained existences of over-concentrated to see theirs

However, nonetheless pegging the dregs of our needlessly harassed beings to the crumblesome ground

Our paralysed, fear for being shook to release breath threatened tiresomely, ‘fraid to say falteringly within petrified We