Partied hard
‘Til only a few beers were left
Twenty-three people
If we’d been in a pub
We’d all have been barred
Plenty of fun
The lot
Everything was going great
‘Til a guard I did spot
Marched on up to me
Hand on a hip
Took a look at the drunken state of things
I’d a lot to admit

Told him we were here to unwind
That it wouldn’t hurt him to be kind
His reply
Most if not all of these people are blind drunk
You think I’m some kind of punk?
I swallowed my beer
Headed for the nearest girl
The field full of beer wasn’t my problem
So I started chatting to Pearl
A rare name
What was rarer was her utter disdain
For everything & anything about life
Christ almighty
I’d come here to avoid that sort of strife
As soon as the cop was gone
We partied on
Danced ‘til the cows came home
Quiet literally

Woke up in the field with Pearl in my arms
I looked at her
My hangover was going to be bad
But as soon as she opened her mouth
There’d be my real qualm