We were attempting to understand the estimation when we utterly ended UP UNDERSTANDING the

Endless endeavour of harsh and Realistic existences: that… faraway, somewhat masterful thing named:: delirious underplay

As the currents of lined UP love take their time to bathe — within WE. “The time is terrifically tantalised, these fantasy filled people purely prepared to stay~~~ a delicate and DEDICATED distance… .” Even if

We were never REALly here, There, Nor AnyWhere else anymore. Before it ALL ANGRILY happened, we were —-

Interested in “only-EVER!!” just one more thing, emotively speaking == that necessary need To suddenly feel

Faraway and TraGicAllY unimpressed with only everOURSELVES(!!) Admitted to this unrealistic, Unreachable dEliRiuM that is us to the bones ((of our Lonesome Beings)).

And if it hasn’t been easy, then at least it’s been bathed in barb wired brilliance

~~ of somewhat(?!) searing significance