He stands each and every second day a pariah unto only himself and these precious people simply mean next to smother-some nothing – all of it utter nonsense, as he’s been given this mistaken identity, chosen for another such decrepit person who he has never really been

Please, permit him this above all else, a final admittance – to be his truest most un-paralytic self

It’s been hell on high water, frozen and still pushing against all of the goddamn grain gravel rain agonisingly down upon he

These are inked and only ever misperceived words whilst his humour knows no bounds but for the failure to feel anything but utter falsity itself

When hanging on for dearest life becomes all that you do realise and these beautiful blue eyes sidestep a million and one even more heady conquests which never you and yours – only her will ever know

When charm gets sullied and destroyed, interrupted right by an unexplainably obsessed unasked wandering eye

When what’s unexplainable becomes inescapable

This man only ever asked for one single thing – to breathe