Even when theirs were endless interpretations of other things, she shall envy herself again. To hold the relaxing gun-of-passion heavilyAgainst her fun-filled head actually.

We were thinking about doing it again and again and then… “she ably admitted to having been

Standing beneath the happiest people in the uniVERSE… and telling them sweet-little-distant whisperings.” It’s hard to understand the complete commonplACE comprehension of a thousand thoughts per intrusive time. “And what(??) they shall ActuAlly get to valuably understand by the end is THIS…

… … … “That they’ve been eye-of-the-needle t-r-y-i-n-g… to not cry and to NOT feel everything any MORE(!!) than needlesslyBefore… .”
When we all go back to BeD || we will need to mindfully meet AT THE FOOTHILL OF OUR BRAINS ~~ to represent ourselves admittedly near-the-middle //

To understand another BIG thing, too, that it’s all-of-it been == trashed-OUT in a rather blatant-and-beleaguered state of

—- – having themselves officially allotted to be ALLOWED to be… … …

These, ahem… “PASSION-fuelled people and instILLed to the unique brim of

Their OverEXCiTABLE beings.”