What if when we searched for a number of upside-down delicately-both-deliciously LopSiDed palindromes it all came credibly back together by way of rapid-fire (and) threadLIKE BEHAVIOUR anyway? And WHAT IF(, though)…

They were dutifully doing the ten-thousand jobs inside of their lopsided upside-down MinDs? What’s it (ALL) to’ve felt like if they REALly carried creation held delicately-both-deliciously together in a literal NUT-shell, actually(??) All hell about to kneel-down NOW and break-loose, please… for these DEFINITELY DETRIMENTAL people

Who seem to say:
“We’ve been acting.” Like silently suppressed AND progressive undenied anyway ingénues
, as they take —

A proper state-of-stare (anyway) and let it all fall

Tetris-like back into DISREGARDED PLACE? “They’ve been acting utterly-both-knowingly unknown, these common-placed and catchphrase-FILLED AND -fuelled individuals.” How to cast the INK-LADEN characters WHO SHALL cast their very own spells ((ANYWAY)) over a scriptwriter’s favOURite Best___ _

Epically estranged inSINuations, pl€a$£, “let’s break it (ALL THE ****) down now and yet again… and price ourselves out-of-mind and out-of-LIFE(..)” For the price of

Purchased and problem-solving innovation. When we’re on a wave and it has to feel // brAND new and improving… to improvise.. .. sPrITELY

==== with its very “NEXT(!!)” tide of upside-down