So here it is
The free-fall
I’ve heard all about
But never got to enjoy
Pretty nice
Need to remember
This is the right way
To be
No whirlwind going on
About my head
Dread and more dread
One foot in front of the other
One thing at a time
If something gets in the way
So what
I keep on keeping on
‘Til the not so easy parts
Even start to feel sublime
Need to make the rent
Make the rent
Pick up the weekly shop
Then do that
Meet a friend on a whim
Bust a gut in the gym…
Listen to some savage music
Smoke a cigarette
Not too many
Watch United v. Real
On the telly
I like it a lot
I’m starting to get the feeling
This is the way it’s meant to be
So please do me a favour
And stay with me