They were acting beneficially insane actually and actually acutely awake and aware as to their very own state of outlandish bewilder. It’s.. a countdown, a catchPHRASE conUnDruM and we cannot but wait —-)

For it all to blossom like wildfire, inside of their housing~of~eye. “They were trashing~it~out HEAVILY amongst themselves and still

Ably apprehending and trying: to do the most dutifully abstract thing again.” Indeed.. they were wondering why it has taken the PURESTofpeople so very lingeringly long to

Touch their. Very own souls; when such a Quintessential thing canNOT but stir… “to the level of.. thinking of being these, ahem, u-t-t-e-r-l-y neutral minded individuals of DIVE RIGHT… out, actually, behaviour

It’s a none too meticulous thing and they seem.. lost in their own physicality of brain—)) albeit InSaNelY unwilling to let it all “GO!” Nose to Toe..

With the ((death of the)) devil. Impales itself whilst they dAnCe.. as though

Antagonised understanding makes such very outlandish Sen$e of itself – albeit with an HISTORICAL~ear to the shuddering andShaPeShIftInG of ground

“they found a new ROUND, A new route… .. of wrought-iron reckoning for themselves.” Even if, it is round number… .. … 14, 235: “NOT~out!”