Route-less and divided they’ve spared their time for the —ahem— time being anyhow. They’ve plowed-on with their bodies a little big bit about to breAk aBouT tHe PlAce… and their minds

Adjusting damn right so suitably to the SOOTHING scene sitting —Ahem— “precariously before them – ego-systematic people.” She’s a person with nothing(LEFT) but utter fusion of total dElUsioN happening only in a mostly NON-FANTASTICALLY FABRICATED WAY.

Way they see it she’s been borrowing perfectly preordained plagiarised pieces from all of these balletic people of equally precarious uncertainty. “We won’t like so much (((now))) how they roll, and we won’t EVER even understand -NOT FOR A MERE OR EAGER MINUTE- HOW they dignified themselves to design —- –

One of a kind DARKNESS INSIDE: said ballet-dancer’s mind.” We’ve been greatly under-studied for the sake of people’s secretive delirium, and we’ve even —-> catcalled at all the wrong kinds of lOpSiDeD people. “She’s..

Bordering on bReakeven territory again and readily available to

take this particular cRoWD of WannabE enthusiasts with her to that place

Of DaNce-OuTLOUD demonstration… aGAIN.” AND MAYBE SHE’S seen Monday thru Thursday, and maybe

We REALly couldn’t care less about her caring-slash-CutThRoaT NatUre anyway.